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Special Student Poster Session

Title: IEEE/IES Students Forum

Time: 10:00am-11:30am, Thursday, July 18, 2024
Location: CONSTITUTION FOYER, Sheraton Boston Hotel

This special poster session will feature presentations of IEEE/IES students receiving the Conference Support Award, which showcase their research activities and results.

  • Katiene Brice Clena TraoreYokohama National University, Optimization Framework of Reduction Gear for Construction Vehicle Based on Tooth Profile Crowning

  • Carlo CenaPolitecnico di Torino, REACT: Reinforcement Learning for Under-Actuated Attitude Control

  • Kentaro TsurumotoThe University of Tokyo, Combined learning for task-flexible and high performance Iterative Learning Control

  • Atsuya Sawaki, Mie University, Development of a muscle strength evaluation system for five muscles classified by function of knee and ankle joints

  • Tsai, Han-Hao, National Tsing Hua University, Optimal Parametric Design of Discrete-time Robust Force Control System based on Disturbance and Reaction Force Observers

  • Kirill Kokorin, University of Melbourne, Shared Robotic Arm Control Using an Augmented Reality Brain-Computer Interface

  • Sohta KawawakiThe University of Tokyo, Multi-AGV Motion Planning Using  Greedy Search Algorithms and Learned Heuristics

  • Kenta HayakawaThe University of Tokyo, A Versatile Task Allocation System for Agricultural Operations by Formulation with a Split Delivery Vehicle Routing Problem

  • Lena GuinotWaseda University, Identification of Spatial Cognition for Multiple Sounds  in Blind Football Players Using a Virtual Acoustic System

  • Hamanaka KiyotakaThe University of Tokyo, Vibration Suppression Control Using Active Mass Damper for Stacker Crane

  • Koki HATTORIThe University of Tokyo, Mass Flow Rate Control with Compensation of Nonlinearity: Poppet Position Control in a Pneumatic Valve

  • Kosuke NumataThe University of Tokyo, Velocity and Acceleration Estimation Via Quantization Step Aware Convex Optimization: Real-Time Implementation on FPGA

  • Enomoto Yuki, Chuo University, Verification of Lactic Acid Fermentation Acceleration Effect of Peristaltic Pumping on Gelatinized  Fermentation Substrate -Experimental Fermentation of Milk Agar by Peristaltic Pump-

  • Yu MikawaUniversity of Tsukuba, Flapping Drones with Flexible Jumping Mechanism

  • Hoyeong YeoDGIST, Multi-dimensional Gaussian Process-based Control for Compensation of Multi-state Dependent Disturbance

  • Takaaki TannoChuo University, Construction of a Sensing System that Simulates Enteric Nerves in a Peristaltic Mixing Conveyor that Imitates the Intestines - Mixing Ratios Discrimination of Solid-Liquid Mixtures by Multimodal Sensing -

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